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Mushk episode 20 opened a brand new bankruptcy ultimate night time, one that may take us to the top of the whole thing and the way in which they must finish. Maximum of what we noticed ultimate night time coated the primary tracks; love is after all brewing between Adam and Guddi as a result of how Adam’s viewpoint has modified in opposition to Guddi and all that she’s been via in existence. We had been most probably residing for those stolen moments between those two love birds as a result of the novelty and starting of affection. I truly cherished the way in which Adam carried out himself round Guddi, the nervousness between them has been changed with a convenience zone that most probably neither of them had ever identified prior to.

In Mushk episode 20 we additionally noticed Shayan’s judgment of right and wrong is hanging up a struggle with him to take keep an eye on of his existence whilst Mehek is center damaged over what she witnessed. Now I truly hope that those two arise robust quickly or expensive God save me! With the exception of that, Chota Malik (Hassan Bilal) is now within the image and in complete swing. He’s in a position to avenge his spouse and the way in which she’s saved him mattress ridden for the longest time as a result of his abusive and poisonous behaviour. Musk episode 21 promo’s were perturbed despite the fact that. What’s Guddi performed?

mushk episode 20: adam and guddi


Adam went in this adventure to assist Mehek to find her vacation spot, alternatively he got here again with a metamorphosis of center and most probably discovered himself in the whole thing that transpired. After finding out of the hardships in Guddi’s existence, Adam couldn’t assist however empathize with Guddi and discovered that there used to be a lot more to her than what meets the attention. And we noticed the strain ease between those two with a brand new feeling blossoming inside of this “new discovered likeness” in opposition to Guddi. I really like how Guddi used to be greater than keen to avoid wasting Adam and be there for him identical to he’s been there for everybody, so their dialog within the doorway used to be a significant one and Guddi is keen to offer herself an opportunity with Adam.

Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane were sparking fireworks for his or her onscreen chemistry since episode 1, due to this fact we truly had been extremely joyful to observe those come in combination, two other people tied in an unstated bond, afraid however keen to determine extra about each and every different, which used to be extraordinarily candy. It used to be about time that each Adam and Guddi deserved to be in their very own area and be there for each and every different since they’re rather the similar other people however in numerous positions and cases.

mushk episode 20: mehek and shayan


Those two are nonetheless in two other zones and we nonetheless can’t recover from the truth that Mehek didn’t need to to find out why Shayan betrayed her. So she’s again lamenting and regretting the whole thing. Thank god she has Munna despite the fact that, who himself is a the sort of megastar performer and may I say, higher than Momal Sheikh as a result of he obviously out shined her. Shayan then again is feeling pumped up after he hit all-time low (when he signed the nikkah paper). And his dialog with Muqaddar Khan used to be a spotlight level as a result of obviously Muqaddar Khan is feeling the after results of his choice of marrying his minor kid to a grown guy. And one way or the other Shayan has pop out because the hero at the most sensible and if that’s how he’s going to be, then it’s ABOUT TIME!


What has Guddi performed and the way is that this going to hang-out her is what we’re going to peer subsequent in Mushk. Hassan Bilal truly did creep me out along with his look and he’s now not going to play it protected. The manipulative, abusive, alcoholic and womanizer of a husband whom Zulekha sought after to get rid off, we’re expecting her response to this calamity.


Mushk episode 20 obviously belonged to Adam and Guddi opening a brand new bankruptcy of their lives with Munna and Hassan Bilal taking 2d leads for making this episode a winner. Having Dada Jee being an absentee persona in Mushk at all times has me perturbed. Hmmm!

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