Is Methocarbamol Secure To Devour?


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Methocarbamol is a drug used for temporary muscle ache, advertised underneath the logo Robaxin, amongst many others. It may be used together with drugs for relaxation, physiotherapy, and ache. For rheumatoid arthritis and cerebral palsy, it has limited use. The effects in most cases get started inside of a 30 minutes. It’s taken right into a vein by way of mouth or injection. 

Methocarbamol used to be authorized in the USA in 1957 for medicinal use. As a generic drug, it’s available. As of 2016, it’s relatively reasonable. In 2017, with greater than three million prescriptions, it used to be the 178th most generally used drug within the U.S.


Even supposing the methocarbamol prescription label signifies that it is going to cause conjunctivitis (together with cholestatic jaundice), there is not any reported analysis to signify that methocarbamol is a cause of liver harm or liver failure led to by way of a medically obtrusive medicine. 

Someone has to go away remedy because of vomiting, dizziness, and different obscure issues right through scientific trials of methocarbamol, however no serum aminotransferase ranges and different laboratory findings have been recorded. 

Methocarbamol is relatively neatly treated, however the loss of regulate of serum aminotransferase ranges all the way through methocarbamol scientific research makes it tricky to rule out the danger of treatment-related delicate liver harm.

What are the negative effects of methocarbamol which may be conceivable? 

The conceivable Methocarbamol side effects have an extended record. However those negative effects are very uncommon to be noticed if the drugs is taken as your physician has prescribed.

While you see indicators of an hypersensitivity, search emergency scientific lend a hand: hives; tricky respiring; swelling of your cheeks, mouth, tongue, or throat. 

Steer clear of the use of methocarbamol and phone the physician immediately if in case you have: 

  • A way of light-headedness, such as you, may just move out; 
  • Slow heartbeats; 
  • Fever, chills, indicators of influenza; 
  • Seizure (convulsions)
  • Jaundice  

What different medicines impact methocarbamol? 

It will purpose damaging negative effects or loss of life to take methocarbamol with different medicines that make you gradual or prolong your respiring. Inform the physician earlier than taking a slumbering tablet, a drug for narcotic ache, a prescription drugs for cough, a muscle relaxer, or nervousness, despair, or epilepsy drugs. 

More than one medicines, together with prescription and over the counter narcotics, dietary supplements, and natural merchandise, can intrude with methocarbamol. Inform every of your well being care practitioners about all of the medicines you might be if truth be told taking and about any medications you might be starting or now not the use of.

Sooner than taking methocarbamol, what do you visit your well being care supplier? 

If you’re allergic to it, you shouldn’t use methocarbamol. 

As a way to be sure that you might be wholesome with methocarbamol, inform your physician if in case you have: 

Gravis myasthenia; or in case you are taking a narcotic (opioid) drug, too. The usage of methocarbamol may cause delivery defects all the way through early being pregnant. If you’re pregnant or for those who get pregnant by way of taking this drug, inform the physician. 

If methocarbamol strikes into breast milk or whether or not it would have an effect on the breastfeeding child isn’t understood. If you’re breast-feeding, notify your supplier. Methocarbamol isn’t approved to be used by way of the ones beneath the age of 16.

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