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Bijoli Grill caterer Kolkata, is likely one of the many examples, who’ve mastered the artwork of bengali catering. Puts like myMandap, Asparagus, 6 Ballygunge position, every position holds a large position within the catering international. The next dishes have finished the record of meals related to a bengali lunch menu.

1.  Steamed Rice

Rice is an integral a part of any meal, particularly when eager about a pleasant excellent outdated Bengali lunch. Folks right here know the way to have their rice with their foods. Bijoli Grill caterer Kolkata, serves this actually delightful and scorching to the touch.

2.  Savoring pieces

Through this, we imply the elemental pieces wanted whilst consuming along a lunch plate. Lemon, salt, pickle, tomato ketchup, mustard sauce and all different forms of accomplices.

three.  Sukto

Even though you haven’t had another form of bengali dish; Sukto is one thing that has to fit your style buds at least one time. A thick curry, constructed from sour gourd, papaya, radish, candy potato, and potatoes too.

four.  Yellow Gram Cut up or “Sona Moong Dal”

Dal, is an integral a part of a meal. This actual a part of the plate mainly must be served along one thing or the opposite. Bijoli Grill caterer Kolkata, normally helps to keep this mild, and serves along potato stripped fritters, or “jhuri jhuri Aloo bhaja”.

five.  Poppy And Potatoes or “Aloo Posto”

“Aloo Posto” is moderately probably the most favourite dish that you’ll have heard from a Bengali. Right here, the poppy seeds are battered into an exorbitant dish. Cooked with mustard oil and turmeric. Listed here are few dishes which can be served along the above pieces;

  • Purple Spinach or “Laal Saag” fry
  • Eggplant fritter or Beguni
  • Fish Roll

6.  Basanti Pulao

No, one rice dish isn’t sufficient when speaking about a well-liked lunch. Even once you have the best steamed rice, you want to place up any other instance of rice. The Bijoli Grill Caterer Kolkata, select Basanti Pulao, or jeera Rice too.

  • Hen/Mutton Curry or “Kassa Mangsho”
  • Indian Catfish gravy or “Pabda Macher Jhal”
  • Prawn Coconut Curry or “Chingri Macher Malai Curry”
  • Bengali Cottage Cheese Curry or “Chanar Dalna”
  • Cottage Cheese and greens or “Navratan Korma”

7.  Seasonal Fruit Chutney

Each newly going on fruit, or seasonal delicacy is included into a stupendous chutney. As an example, there are two main chutneys that occur to be there within the winters; Tomato and blended fruit chutney/ While, within the summers Bijoli Grill caterer Kolkata have the most efficient model of Unripe mango chutney.  Except for this listed here are few accompaniments of chutney;

  • Crispy Flatbread or “Papad” Fry
  • Candy Curd or “Misti Dahi”
  • Payesh or Kheer
  • Rosogolla/ Sandesh

eight.  Betle Leaf or “Paan”

It is a very talked-about mouth freshener for a bengali lunch menu. Served eventually, this has more than one mixtures. Chyawanprash, Tutti-fruti, Guraku, Supari, Cardamon, Kesar and plenty of goodness that may be wrapped round right into a paan.

Bijoli Grill caterer Kolkata, Asparagus and plenty of different caterers have stabilized their position on the earth of catering for having the entire above dishes of their Menu. No longer just for having many choices, but additionally to raised the potential for customisation.

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